Where is the marathon located?

Most marathons take place at Dan's house, which is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. However, the only place you have to be is at your computer! :)


Is this your first marathon event?

We have actually had many very successful marathons so far! We have raised over $10,000 in previous marathons, and that number is continually growing!


Why did you choose to do a marathon for charity?

We were initially inspired by other marathons, such as Mario Marathon, and we felt like it was a great cause to do something we love while raising money for charity. Child's Play Charity is a great charity that we feel a deep connection to, for two of our very own players have had serious health conditions in the past and have spent a great deal of time in the hospitals. They especially know how much it helps to have those toys and games to help make the time go by.


There is a game or something I want you guys to do on camera. How can I get you guys to do this?

We LOVE to hear from our viewers. The quickest and easiest way for us to do something you ask is to send a donation with a message saying what you'd like to see. Unfortunately, we don't own every game and most of our game selection is decided beforehand, so please be aware of that if you ask us to play a certain game that we might not be able to fulfill that wish. However, we have had many hilarious suggestions, such as Carmel Dancen, or the famous Cow Dance. If you don't have money to spare, you can always join the chatroom and ask us, or even get other viewers to help you convince us to do something!


How can I donate?

We set up a Paypal system so that the money goes directly to Child's Play. Click "Chip-in!" on the homepage, and it will bring you to the payment screen, or click on this link to bring you directly to the payment page.


What games will you be playing next time?

This is a GREAT opportunity to have your voice heard! We really want to know what you'd enjoy watching. Email us at 72hoursremain@gmail.com and write what you'd like to see! We can't guarantee anything, but we will try hard to make everyone happy!


What if you don't complete all the games?

Our main goal is to get as many donations as we can while playing as much of the games as possible. We would like to finish them, but it's more about the journey than the destination, right? 


How does the whole 72 hours work? Will there be breaks?

There will not be any breaks in gaming time, except for switching games or players, etc. We worked out a schedule so that each player plays a certain amount of time, and then has a block where he/she won't be playing for several hours. In that time, the player can sleep, eat, and rest up to maintain a healthy state. We emphasize the importance of health, and practice it equally as much. As far as the 72 hours goes, games will be played for 72 hours straight, and the schedule also provides which games will be played when, so people can tune in anytime to watch the action!


Why are you guys called 72 Hours Remain?

Our original idea was inspired by the popular game Zelda: Majora's Mask for N64. Link only has 3 days (72 hours) to save Termina/Clock Town. Much like Link, we give ourselves 3 days to "save the world," or raising money for Child's Play Charity. We have taken aspects from the game as well, such as our first marathon having "masks" that we achieved for reaching goals we set and keeping the Majora's Mask in the background at all times in the second marathon. We have played the actual Majora's Mask game as well! 


How will you indicate achievements?

Our achievements have been anything from doing something well in the game (such as beating a game) to unlocking hours of playtime when receiving more donations. For next marathon, we plan to incorporate these achievements, as well as other achievements for getting more viewers! The best way to see us do funny things is to spread the word so more people come to watch and donate!


I have a question that isn't on here. How can I contact someone to answer my question?

Feel free to email us at 72hoursremain@gmail.com. We frequently check our email, so if you send us a message we will respond usually within 72 hours.