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ONE MONTH! 31 days remain...

We are ONE MONTH away from our big event. BUT I'M STILL EXCITED! Majora's Mask is several of the players' favorite games, and we're happy to play the game that inspired our Marathon name, "72 Hours Remain" exclusively. Although we're not playing for the full 72 hours, I have no doubt that this will be possibly our best marathon yet. We're planning some crazy things that relate to the game (hmm...wonder if it has anything to do with masks?). We're also trying to interact with the viewers in the chatroom more, which means fun games and contests for those in the chat. Overall we hope to have fewer tech problems than we did before.

With all that being said though, we still are open for more ideas. What kinds of ridiculous things would you like to see us do for your money? Or just in general? You can tweet @72hoursremain, or @missterious72 with your ideas/opinions. 

And with that, I end with GANDAN!




Random Quotes/Memories

Here are some random quotes or memories found from our twitter page. ENJOY!
rockpapersissors SHOOT!
hesgonnathrowithesgonnathrowithesgonnathrowit GUUUNN!
"Is there any way we can put balls on the screen?"
"Would you stop smacking me? Now I lost my wood"
cloud cars almost equals clown cars.
Moral of the day: Don't dance like Kremlings.
Candy Kong is the sexy Kong ;)
Howl the howl of destiny!
Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo LimPAH!
It's so cute, it give me leprosy!
You'll get caught up in the! Goldfinger! #aparrotly
"It's dangerous to go along, take my balls!" 
"Your lips taste like stomach"
Poof the fruit!
#danfacts Dan's favorite color is crastic. #kellyfacts Kelly's favorite color is armadillo.
"Stop making me give bad advice!"
bite-walking! Always the best way of travel!
"I needed to poop the web away!"
"he rubberbands like a mother." -Keith quote
"make a polley thingy on the dealie page" -Dan and Keith working togetha to quote this one!
"It doesn't matter, he's crackers now." -Aaron
"The cow decides when it's going to cow"
SUNKITTLES! they're candy from the sun! Solar deliciousness!
we're eating really, they look exactly like them! Konpeito candy. If we eat enough, we might....TRANSFOOORRRM!
The Engorde, now on the value menu at Taco Bell for only 99 cents!
"I'm having mental tears just thinking about it!" "How do you know I'm not mentally bawling?" "You're too casual for that."
Redshirtgirl: "My cape was actually in the dirty laundry, so I febreezed myself."
Come watch Dan sing! "All the mother ladies, all the mother ladies..."
Injury #2: Keith jumping into the ceiling. but don't worry, he's okay, since he drinks a lot of milk. Keith: 1, Ceiling: 0.
"Its ok you can have same sex marriage" "Not in the SNES days, they hadn't invented it yet" - @72hoursremain
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